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Greenlight This Game: The Last Phoenix

In The Last Phoenix you control a bird (A Phoenix) on a mission to revitalize its world. This return to life is illustrated through vegetation growth and color returning to the environment as you pass by, it looks stunning. The combat consists of “dives, fierce slashes, intense grappling, and fiery blasts.” All of this plays out in a aerial dogfight fashion.

From the developer
As the last of a majestic race of fire-birds, The Phoenix has to relight the fires of the world and undo the decay.

  • Dynamically restore the environment. Restore color to the world, and regrow vegetation.
  • Open World environment
  • Dive, Roll, and Boost through tall structures and arches.
  • Do battle against hordes of crows, brutish Carrion, and vile Cocoons.

You can help Greenlight The Last Phoenix here. Also, you can download a demo of the game here.

Steam Greenlight is a program that allows indie developers to get their game published on the Steam service through a user voting system. All that you need to participate is a Steam account. More information about Steam Greenlight can be found here.

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